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5 awesome sweatshirts with a cat reading a book

Have you ever seen someone wearing a crazy t shirt or sweatshirt that you instantly want too? Think about it, the ones that catch our eyes are the unusual ones. In modern fashion trends, the trendy styles are rarely the practical stuff. The unusual and out-of-the box designs are the ones that attracts attention and makes people stand out.

Just like a sweatshirt of a cat reading a book right? This definitely isn’t the run of the mill type of sweatshirt simply because it combines the unthinkable and technically the impossible. Considering how the cat itself is one pet that is considered adorable, imagine combining that sort of graphic with your favourite sweatshirt. Grabbing one of these for your wardrobe would definitely set you aside from your name-brand clad peers.

The Cattitude

Picture it, a cat sitting on a stack of books, especially with a pretty snazzy title like cattitude. This is just a must have item of clothing. The sweat shirt is both comical and thought provoking. It can even be used to send a subliminal message to friends and family as to your current mind-set.

The look on the face of the cat alone is pretty naughty and suggestive and it opens up a friendly and jovial atmosphere. For the socially comfortable, a comical sweatshirt like that will probably increase your social ’ranking’. For the socially awkward, a carefully and playfully graphitised piece of clothing like the cat reading a book sweatshirt can be just the icebreaker you need. Any witty individual faced with such a t shirt will be inclined to strike up a conversation and there you go!

Reading Cat

Another clever cat sweatshirt design is the cat engrossed in the book with a busy and vivid background. The sweatshirt with such a thought provoking graphic content makes a great addition to any wardrobe. The far-fetched idea of an actual cat reading an actual book makes the whole look light and casual. It increases the approachability of the wearer not to mention the attention it will probably grab from peers and casual observers.

Reading cats pencil sketch

This adorable cat sweatshirt design is just amazing, two cats huddled together and engrossed in a book. The heart print on the book cover gives it a cool and romantic touch making it a perfect couples’ sweatshirt. The design definitely fits perfectly on light coloured plain sweatshirts or sparsely decorated sweatshirts.

Girt + Cat

The cat with a girl reading a book makes a pretty amazing sweatshirt. The comical look from the little glasses on both the cat the girls gives the sweatshirt a very attractive and fun touch. It can also be great as an educational meme or campaign perhaps on a junior level teacher or custodian. The image is pretty handy when it comes to sparking young minds into reading curiosity by combining two best buddies doing something enjoyable together.

Couch cat

Another great sweatshirt for the cat reading a book is this cool couch set up. The casual stance of the cat is pretty comical and adorable. As uncanny as it may seem, this graphic is actually pretty reminiscent of parents reading rituals and would probably look cool on a sweater meant to be a present. The cat pic would probably also look cool on kids’ sweaters in any colour version.

Al in all, the cat reading a book makes a really awesome and unique sweatshirt. The numerous variations of the graphic design can suit the occasion and mood perfectly and the print would still look great on any type of sweatshirt like the round necks, the sports version, fur lined, plain, scoop neck, and crew neck or pocket sweatshirts to mention just a few. Don’t hesitate to ditch your ordinary drab sweatshirts and grab something that’s more engaging and attractive from this amazing selection!

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